Aeonium Mardi Gras


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Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras‘ is a compact evergreen succulent forming showy rosettes of lemon yellow and emerald green variegation combined with pink to a rich Bergundy.

Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ is a succulent that has yellow and green variegated rosettes and deep red to plum margins when received plenty of sunlight or placed in cool temperatures. It grows offsets readily. Its nickname ‘Mardi Gras’ comes from the multiple colors of the rosettes creating a carnival-like palette.

The magnificent tricolor variagation of Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ is absolutely cause for celebration. These effects may result in dark-red/burgundy shades versus creamier and lighter rose tones.

All of the plants will be shipped bare root