Naturalplantscape Lomandra Grass Breeders

Natural Plantscape was formed in 2000 and has grown to become one of the newest variety of landscaping designers using new native plants in Australia.  Naturalplantscape uses lomandra varieties for low groundcover lomandra filiformis mondra, excelent understory plants lomandra confertifolia greenscape pbr,  lomandra confertifolia rubiginosa floral cascade, edging driveways lomandra confertifolia greyscape. ,mass display gardens lomandra bates bay, lomandra plants cascading over waterfalls long flowers ,lomandra affinis cylindrica lime cascade

In commercial landscape design we used to use a lot of lomandra confertifolia little con, naturalplantscape has been developing a new flowering form called lomandra confertifolia little tuffy pbr this variety has the pretty yellow sweet smelling flowers. We have found a better growth habit of lomandra confertifolia Little Tuffy, the clumps regenerate from the base. This is the biggest difference as lomandra little con has stems with leaves in a clump on top.

Local council use lomandra filiformis wattle mat rush this indigenous native also naturalplantscapes lomandra filiformis blue moon they can be used in streetscapes lomandra confertifolia silverscape. Plant breeders Natural plant scape have breed many quality varieties becoming available in volume like lomandra fluviatilis highlights, blue foliage feature plants , lomandra glauca aussie blue grass, NEW grass tree with no trunk and fast growing lomandra patens inspire, The most impressive lomandra varietyies are lomandra patens silver falls.. These are lomandra varieties that all residential , commercial architechs should be used in all australian landscaping. lomandra patens inspire, lomandra patens silver falls have structure that fits into many garden styles like japanese, billabongs, grass tree features, mass planted using both sizes or mixing with our other lomandra varieties.

The director, Kevin Moore, formed theNaturalplantscape Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Victoria based company some 8+ years ago. We pride ourselves on excellence in workmanship and total attention to detail. In our design and implementation we will make sure that the project makes minimal ecological impact on the environment. We also keep in constant touch with new trends and technological advances in the industry which gives an edge to our work. During the years of operation we have collected a number of references which testify to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Natural Plantscape has undertaken many projects within Australia ranging from smaller domestic construction and rejuvenation works to fixing existing projects.

At Natural Plantscape we know that outdoor living and entertaining is a natural part of the Australian lifestyle. is passionate about water conservation, caring for our environment, creating amazing yet sustainable water falls and billabongs and providing native habitats for our diverse Australian wildlife.

We want to encourage children to play, explore and interact with nature.

Designing for the future
Natural Plantscape prides itself on the ability to design and construct an outdoor oasis to suit your style and budget. Whether it’s a complete landscape transformation, a water feature or a reticulation, you are guaranteed of the best quality materials and service.

This is because at Natural Plantscape:

  • Extra time is spent at the preparation stage therefore the end result is to an extremely high standard.
  • We only use the highest quality materials and our own plants or from the best growers.
  • All work carried out is by Natural Plantscape employees where possible.
  • We are always on time and on budget.
  • You will always be notified of the progress before and during the construction process.
  • All calls and queries are answered by one of our friendly, helpful staff members.

Services Provided include:

Ever-increasing water restrictions stipulate the need for environmentally sustainable designs and water conservation. Unlike conventional ponds, our billabongs and water features are replenished by utilising storm water from down pipes of the residence/buildings. This can be done with tanks or direct depending on position. Natural Plantscape can create innovative solutions in residential/commercial landscape design, construction. We specialise in the establishment of environmentally sustainable billabongs, waterfalls and naturally beautiful landscapes.

Company Profile:
Moores Flowers Plant Nursery has been trading as Natural Plantescape since 2000. Natural Plantscape is a leading supplier of Australian native plants and was established for 30 years based in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. Kevin Moore Director/Manager has expanded the business.

At Natural Plantscape we have in place recycled watering systems which include self filling dams from recycled water. Large storage tanks to store water when we get winter fill e.g. storm water. We are committed to growing Australian native plants with consideration for the environment. In growing Australian native plants we are responsible for keeping the environment clean by using natural water purification systems. We use Integrated Pest Management which is the use of beneficial insects not pesticides or related chemicals.