lomandra confertifolia NEW little con " Little Tuffy">>

lomandra affinis cylindrica lime cascade

Lomandra Patens NEW INSPIRE

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Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. Rubiginosa “Floral Cascade”>>

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. Rubiginosa “Silverscape”>>

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. Rubiginosa “Greenscape”>>

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. Rubiginosa “Grey leaf”>>

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. Rubiginosa “Green leaf”

Lomandra “Batemans Bay”>>

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. “Little Con”>>

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP."Little Tuffy">> new improved little con

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. Pallida “Little Pal”

Lomandra Confertifolia SSP. “Aquascape”

Lomandra Filiformis “Coriacea”

Lomandra Filiformis “Blue Moon”

Lomandra Filiformis “Mondra”>>

Lomandra Filiformis “Ice Queen”

Lomandra Fluviatilis highlights >>

Lomandra Hystrix

Lomandra Longifolia

Lomandra Longifolia “Mallacoota tuff”

Lomandra Longifolia “Fine Cascade”>>

Lomandra Longifolia “Nyalla”

Lomandra Longifolia “Tanika”

Lomandra Nana

Lomandra Patens Inspire>>

Lomandra Patens Silver Falls

Lomandra Affinis Cylindrica "Lime cascade">>

Lomandra Glauca aussie blue grass>>

Lomandra “Leptostachya”


We have new Lomandra Varieties which are being developed and tested for suitability for Landscape.

These Lomandra Varieties introduced into website as pictures become available.

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