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"Australian Native Plants"
Lomandra Grass Species

Commercial Landscaping Project               McDonalds Point Cook


Project Description

This garden design was set out to blend in with Mc donalds and its surrounds. The use of water saving mulch in lawn and garden beds, this incorperates a soil improver and quality mulch for native plants. The landscape design incorperates drought tolerant plants.gumtree grove was designed to be an adventure playground for kids growing up and parents to sit in shade, relaxing enjoying the views. The plants used Lomandra, Eremophilla, Banksia, Adenanthos, Isolepsis, Dianella, and many other feature plants to attract birds and other native animals. We suggested lots of variety of plants to provide colour all year round. This design was to use minimal water and to rely on rainfall for garden. This means once established only new planting need to be watered. This was achieved by adding new soil to existing site to get plants started.



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