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"Australian Native Plants"
Lomandra Grass Species


Australian Natives Naturally

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We have gardens you can view australian natives naturally in a rainfall only garden. This gives our customers more opportunity to see natives full size and in there natural environment. There are several varieties of Acacia cognata from Acacia "green mist" , "limelight" , "bower beauty" , "mini cog" , "waterfalls" , "fettuccini" , "curvaceous" , "lime magic" , "copper tips" , these varieties can be assesed for use in your garden landscape. If you want a grevillea hedge we have a large range and several varieties in garden like "moonlight" , "longistyla" , "elegance" , "grace" , "firesprite" , "bonfire" , "sylvia" , "robin hood" , "ned kelly" , "ellendale" , "ivanhoe" , "hookeriana" , "red hooks" , "robyn gordon" , "superb" , "lemon supreme". Grevillea small bushes, groundcovers like "bonnie prince charlie" , "bronze rambler" , "gaudi chaudi" , "carpet queen" , "grassfire" , "molongolo" , "fireworks" , "lanigera wooly grevilleas" , "poorinda family".

Adenanthos wooly bush lots of correa plants fron groundcovers to tree correas. Eremophilla family maculata , nivea , glabra , and some varieties exclusive to our nursery. Lomandra low growing to 1mtr tall yes it looke like a grass tree as they are related check out Lomandra Patens Inspire also NEW Lomandra Patens Silver Falls.

We are open for retail sales from 9am to 4-5pm we try to give each customer a gided tour of garden but as a family business we can get very busy. Our stock is changing with the seasons so we have a wide variety of plants in flower or that are low maintenance. W e have products that need little water or hold difficult banks together or a lawn out of native groundcovers no mowing "light traffic areas".

We sell most of our plants in 6inch pots as we find this gives them a better shot as you can see in our gardens.


Some of our products have PBR plant breeders rights like Acacia limelight.


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