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"Australian Native Plants"
Lomandra Grass Species

Lomandra Confertifolia Silverscape



Our varieties are selected for there high quality flower displays, these plants have a sweet smell which encourages native butterflies

Lomandra Confertifolia Ssp Rubiginosa Silverscape

This lomandra grows 50-75cm in height with silvery grey foliage, this plant grows 75cm in width. Floral cascade has the strongest flower performance in size and smell. The foliage regenerating capability of silverscape means it replaces central foliage with new shoots then produces new flowers.

Grows in full sun and shaded areas, it is also suited to most soil types that are well drained.

Care for this plant is maintenance free plant and is drought tolerant. This plant can be used for edges and contrast plant in the garden. Works best in mass plantings.





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