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"Australian Native Plants"
Lomandra Grass Species

Lomandra Confertifolia Little Tuffy


Lomandra Confertifolia little tuffy


Lomandra confertifolia Little tuffy has very strong foliage in a tight clumping habit. This plant is widely used for landscaping as it has the capacity to regenerate and grows in harsh conditions , clay soils etc.

Grows 40-50cm in height 50-60cm width constantly used as border or mass planting due to consistant growth. Lomandra will regrow from an underground stem like grass trees.

This plant has a regenerative habit which means always producing new foliage and flowers. Flowers have a sweet honey smell to attract native butterflies.

Lomandra Confertifolia Little Con we have improved form

Lomandra Confertifolia Little Tuffy, more pleasing for the gardener.

Faster grower than old version.





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