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Landscaping Project Donvale


Project Description
Old retaining walls gone new ones installed, incorporating new soil with a native plant selection to fill and flow over. This setting was behind the pool which meant planting natives that drop minimal leaf litter.

We finished the pool section then were asked to improve the front garden as it was overgrown. We moved the rocks to make the beds larger to make them easier to manage. The emphases was on fragrant flowers and foliage along path to house. These plants were to be used for flowers in the house, and be in shade.

Landscaping Project - Donvale


Landscaping Project - Donvale



On July 2007 we employed  Kevin Moore, from Moore’s Flowers Plant Nursery – Natural Landscapes, to redesign our old garden beds on a large house block.

 With the current water situation we asked there advice about going to a major native plant garden. 

We visited Moore's flowers plant nursery at wandin and were impressed by the range of mature native garden beds on display.

It enabled us to choose with confidence the particular natives we would like to have in our garden.

Kevin came to our home in Donvale and advised which plants would go where for sun, shade etc.

He worked very conscientiously and was caring of the garden beds.

When completed he cleaned up neatly.

We highly recomend his work,
Regards Barry & Maureen Lake


Landscaping Project - Donvale

Landscaping Project - Donvale


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