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"Australian Native Plants"
Lomandra Grass Species

Landscaping Project Chirnside Park


Project Description
This garden design and car park was to blend into existing drive and brick veneer house also to screen out next door garage. The garden was to be rejuvenated from European to a Australian native plant garden. We were asked to make a water feature out of native plants, we used Lomandra Rubiginosa, Leptostachya , Mondra, Filiformis, Patens, Fine Cascade. These grasses flow through the landscape to make the impression of water. We added features like Eucalyptus Caesia Silver Princess, Eremophilla Nivea, Adenathos Wolly Bush. Defined the front garden hedge with Westringia which can be trimmed to shape. This garden was designed to be more drought resistant so the owners can leave the watering to get the garden established



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